Pygmy Pigment FAQ

Pygmy Pigments - Additive for Cerakote, KG Gunkote, Duracoat, and Many other paint and cosmetic applications.

Our products are used in Paint, Cosmetics, Nail Polish, Liquid Wraps, Gel coat, Powder coat, Vinyl, Printing Inks, Plastics, Leathers, Resins, Latex, and many more.

All our Dry Pearls pigments are FDA approved for Hands, Nails, Lips, and Eyes. Everything we sell is 100% Vegan, Non Toxic, and Cruelty - Free.


1. Are your products compliant to FDA ?

Yes, they absolutely are all FDA approved. 

2. What's the expected delivery time per order ?

If we have sufficient quantities in stock, shipping typically takes 3-5 business days for Domestic orders, and up to 2 weeks for International orders.  If we do not have sufficient quantities in stock, or for custom orders, it can take up to 4-6 weeks to ship.

3. Can i use this in a cosmetic application?

Yes you can see the chart below for application ratios.


Paint Applications  Have tested with the following Paints::

Cerakote C Series Air Cure,  KG Oven Cure Clears, PPG Clears, Duracoat Air Cure.

Cerakote H Series Oven Cure, KG Air Cure Clears.   Will work with a long list these we have tested in house and verified functionality. Any questions email us.


Grams Per Gallon

Automotive & Refinishing Paints 50-100
Household Electronic & Appliance Paints 25-50
Inner and Outer Wall Paints 50-75


Plasti-Dip & Rubberized Paint Applications -


Grams Per Gallon

Solid Pearls
Alloy Pearls
Color Flip Pearls
Color Shift Pearls 75
Glow in the Dark Pigments 200
Micro Flakes
Holographic Micro Flake


Plastic Applications -

Usage: Proportion (%)
Plastic Bottles .5-2
Plastic Parts .3-1
Plastic Films 1-4
Latex and Rubber Products 5-15


Ink Application -

Usage: Proportion (%)
Gravure Inks 5-15
Screen Inks 10-30
Offset Inks 5-10


Cosmetic Application -

Usage: Proportion (%)
Lipsticks 5-10
Eye-Shadows 10-40
Make-Up Powders 5-10
Eyebrow Pencils 5-15
Nail Polishes 5-15



MSDS Sheets Are Available Email for copies.