KG Gun Coating

KG Gun Kote is the protective coating of choice for gun experts and enthusiasts worldwide. Initially developed for military and aerospace use, Gun Kote and other Gun Kote Finish products have become the standard in protective metal coatings and finishes.

Impact-resistant and solvent-resistant, Gun Kote enables your firearm and metal equipment to perform better, even under the harshest situations. It also protects your gun’s metal parts from harmful chemicals in the atmosphere that can accumulate on your firearm and cause harm over time.

The self-lubricating properties of the Gun Kote Finish prevent your firearm’s system from seizing and aid in diffusing the heat produced by gunshots. We also provide Bore Cleaners that are capable of removing copper fouling without damaging the bore.

KG offers a wide array of choices in terms of Gun Kote finish that will surpass all other protective gun metal coatings. Gun Kote is known as the industry standard for protection and dry film lubrication of firearms and military equipment and the reduction of damage caused by friction and weathering.

Firearms accumulate a lot of dirt from simple everyday use. KG’s Gun Kote Finish protects your guns from gathering dirt and dust and allows easier cleanup and maintenance. Gun Kote has excellent abrasion, corrosion, and impact resistance. KG’s Gun Kote and Gun Kote Finish products, your firearms will have the same level of protection as military-grade weapons.

KG Industries was formerly Kal-Gard Coating and Manufacturing Corporation. Kal-Gard was founded to provide dry film lubricants and thin film protective coatings to the Aerospace, Military, Sporting Goods, and Motor Sports Industries. Kal-Gard became known for developing one strong product after another, and became a leader for suppling wet and dry film lubricants, and protective thin film coatings. For many years Kal-Gard was considered the standard to compete against.

In 1992 Kal-Gard Coating and Manufacturing Corporation changed its name to KG Industries, Inc. and in 1998 incorporated as KG Industries, LLC producing the original Gun Kote™ formulas, an extensive line of gun care products and a line of Micro PTFE Lubricants. KG is one of a very few companies that grinds PTFE and MOS2 (Moly) to Sub-Micron levels. KG also provides custom coatings for a continually growing OEM market. KG Industries, LLC is a wholly owned company serving a worldwide market with distributors in the Australia, Canada, Italy, Japan, New Zealand and the UK.

KG develops coatings for several markets including: The Shooting Sports, Motor Sports, Oil Drilling, Medical Equipment, Tire and Rubber Industries and Food Processing Industries. Corrosion Protective Coatings, Dry Film Lubricants, Mold Release Coatings and Aesthetic Protective Coatings are only some of the coatings KG can offer. The reputation KG has earned, however, for providing thin film coatings to the military, firearm manufactures, gunsmiths and the shooting sports industry in general is simply unequaled. Aside from coatings KG also produces a fine line of gun care products for these markets. Most people will agree that the "best known" products are not always the best available nor do they perform the best. The mere number of new products constantly being marketed and the number of home brews and garage formulations are testimony to those who have said to themselves "there must be a better way". These are the people and companies KG develops its products for.

KG Industries, LLC is developing a reputation, much like Kal-Gard had for many years, to produce and offer quality products at a fair price. This is the quest we embark on each and every day.


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